About Me


A highly passionate tech enthusiast who is now chasing the dream of becoming a successful growth hacker who can hack well into marketing channels for growing the awesome technologies people build out there. Dives deep into internet engineering at times hence fetching down solutions of some real-world problems which can help a billion people out there. Being hopeful, that’s the supreme power which drives me ahead. I’m built, not born.

Personal Life
Let’s have a not so deep dive into my life. I’m 24 years young a early 90’s kid. Life did or didnot start so well. Born in a above average family and getting pulled down to below average life scenarios. It was a roller coaster ride. Not to hide the awesome people who was there from beginning tried their best to pull this up and they kinda succeeded. Now at this moment I can’t name this life normal maybe the hangover of the ride still persist.
Basically I’m from Kochi,Kerala. Born and bought up here. People say Kerala is the best place in India to live and I would rather not comment on it as I second that deep inside my heart.
And as of now I’m doing some real juggling in my life running here and there. Let’s call it Digital Nomadism.
What I’ve done so far
Fliptango-Premier Lifestyle Assistant
Left Brain Marketer & Quality Assurance Engineer
February 2017- Present
You won’t believe I’ve worked on such a huge product unless you come to know what actually it is.
I was doing a little less than everything there. This place taught me how to fight ahead until I die.
Blue Horizon Infotech
Business Development Associate
Sree Narayana Guru Intitute Of Science and Technology
Computer Science and Engineering
GHSS Edathala
ST. Francis D’ Assisi High School