Maayanadhi: Will haunt for a little time


Maayanadhi is a not-so-quite-often-happening thing in real life story portrayed with the help of a couple whom we most have met or seen close.
A movie from Ashiq Abu and music from Rex and the three brilliant songs, one after another, launched pre-release this was much enough for me to watch Maayanadhi. Anyhow, other than there ain’t a lot which Maayanadhi could promise. Tovino who just rose to stardom, brilliant performance in Guppy or so is still not firm indications for people to rush to his movies. But did this stopped you? You’re missing an excellent film.
Language: Malayalam
Director: Aashiq Abu
Cast: Tovino Thomas, Aishwarya Lekshmi
Maayanadi an intense, but not so filmy love story of Mathew and Aparna. Maathan aka Mathew by Tovino is an unlucky guy who had a lousy past and present but is living with a dream of something big kinda future. Appu on other end is ambitious about her future and is struggling herself for the future and push her present.
The movie starts with Maathan who is into some dirty business and getting into trouble. Maathan who get into serious trouble as a cop get killed by him flees to Kochi where Appu is. Then the story races back to what happened to them in the past and Maathan trying to fix what went wrong in past due to his this same aimless rush.
Tovino did a good job where Aishwarya Lekshmi’s performance wouldn’t let you believe this is the just second movie of hers.
The maturity what was needed for the role isn’t something which even a seasoned actor could handle, and she would amaze you.

There is a base standard most movies have set. The way they portray the characters. The way the show couples. The way they explain love. That standard where we see characters which we can’t relate to real life. At least for me, there ain’t a lot of movies which had characters who I can connect with people around me or couples I see in real life. But in recent times Eli (Elizabeth from Anuraga Karikkin Vellam) was one who gave me that feeling that this is someone around me and now it’s Appu. That is what I started with, the characters, the couple are who we have met or seen close.

Music from Rex was brilliant and that background scores are what pushed me with the equally well-shot visuals to the world of realism in the screen.

Maayanadi is a must watch which you shouldn’t be missing.
How many of you haven’t wished Vandhanam climax should have gone other way around? I wanted the same for this.
Maathan and Appu will stay as a sweet pain for a little time for sure.

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